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Paarsdam, Republic of Orange and Purple - It has been 12 days since the first outbreak of Samgasmi was reported in The Republic of Orange and Purple. The Republic responded by shutting down much of its food production, burning crops, quarantining hospitals, and switching its mainly starch- and grain-based nutrition to imported foods and sea- and plant-based nutrition. The change in diet has limited the amount of food available to its citizens, many of whom are now struggling to feed themselves, especially since potatoes were added to the list of banned foods.

"We used to eat them frietjes and sauce every day down by the port," says Mari Devault of Groenevelden, "but now we can only get a can of beans, a pint of chowder, and an apple every day. The apple keeps the doctor away, I guess, but... I dunno. I was gonna say something funny, but... I can't believe there's no more potatoes."

Remaining humorous in the face of chaos, a normally widespread Republican trait, has now become a luxury afforded to only the strongest of will. Samgasmi, the fatal wheat poisoning that started the crisis, has now claimed a total of 76 victims in the Republic alone. Estimates from Riverwood number between the hundreds and the low millions. The citizens of the Republic understand the precautions that their government has to take, but with a poor harvest season estimated for this Summer, the famine could continue if additional steps are not taken. In an address to Birkenbos on the 10th of May, a gaunt-looking Prime Minister Wuggeh stated,

"We are currently doing everything we can to ensure that the people of our fair Republic are fed adequately. While the initial diet we all claimed would work has now failed us (thank god), we are working on keeping our citizens healthy more than anything. No more frietjes and frietessaus, everyone! We have to eat fruits and vegetables and fish!"

The Prime Minister was then met with a hail of shoes, obscenities, and molotov cocktails as he and his cadre scurried back into the train station. The effort to secure more grain from the Solurian Empire was met with refusal by their government, as they closed down all crop exports to the Republic after the initial outbreak of Samgasmi there. While a fish-based diet still allows for necessary proteins (since land mammals are known to contract the disease as well), the fishing industry still has yet to catch up with demand from the whole country. Perhaps diplomatic envoys can return with some good news from Laurelian, Athitica, and Venice in the meantime.

- James Zeebroeker 3:50pm WST
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    3. By reveling in their suffering, maybe even sanctioning them. Anything to satisfy my bloodlust.
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