NSE Journalist Found Dead In Midst Of Ich Dynasty Probe

ORANJESTAD- The noted Imperial journalist Reissman Pontevirra has been found dead in his hotel room while attending a conference of the International Journalists Consortium, in the midst of a probe into the dealings of Emperor Sammus and his family.

His body was discovered by management at the Hotel Marvella in the Summit neighborhood of downtown Oranjestad around midnight last night after guests in the room below called the front desk, reporting blood dripping from the balcony above theirs. According to Oranjestad authorities, there had been several stab wounds to the chest and stomach area, the crime scene indicating a potential struggle. It then appeared that an undressed Pontevirra crawled onto the balcony, where he is believed to have died. Several of his belongings were reported missing, including his wallet, laptop, HexPad, and the unknown contents of the room's safe.

Security footage recorded a woman entering his room around 10:45pm. Based on interactions between her and Pontevirra at the door, it is suspected that she was a sex worker. She was not observed leaving the room until approximately 11:50pm, spending just over an hour in his room. She departed carrying a marked Hotel Marvella tote bag, likely filled with the items stolen from Pontevirra's room. She is the primary suspect in his murder and has not yet been identified by Oranjestad police.

Most conspicuous about the case is the fact that Reissman Pontevirra had been privately investigating Emperor Sammus and the Ich Dynasty, retaining suspicion about their alleged ties to the black market and the sale of narcotics overseas. Many emphasize the nature of the crime and the circumstances behind it, believing that Pontevirra's murder was an attempt on behalf of the NSE to silence him. Advocacy groups for the freedom of speech and the press also speculate that this is not the first time this has happened in the Empire. In 2015, the Krugerrand administration was implicated in the death of the blogger Kent Hawkins, better known by his pseudonym Ozymandias, another journalist who was investigating the suspected Ministry of Defense coverup of top-secret experiments being performed on heroin addicts in the Verdenes. In 1998, the administration of High Chancellor Alexander Vronsky was believed to have played a role in the public assassination of Nataro Serophinus following an inquiry into the suspected sale of arms to the despotic Asad regime in the Sultanate of Baba.

The New Sammichian Empire has a curious relationship with the freedom of speech and the press. Criticism of the government is commonplace and a marked aspect of Imperial society; all things considered, Imperial people enjoy a level of individual freedom unseen even in many other developed nations of the Shire. The country also hosts a lively private press, with the exception of the state-sponsored TIE Network (The Imperial Eyewitness), which rarely publishes nor airs criticism of the government. It would seem that the NSE often lets its people do what they please -- until they begin to pose a threat to its dubious inner workings.

The Office of the Emperor has denied any involvement or knowledge of the incident, calling it the "tragic butchery of one of the Empire's brightest journalists", and offering its condolences to the Pontevirra family. High Chancellor Ritz-Khalifa has yet to address the matter, likely occupied with the Samgasmi crisis. NSE authorities in the state law enforcement body Kretopol are currently working with those in Oranjestad.

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Mandy King, Rex Kwon Do- we sure let the NSE get away with a lot of stuff

Cerso Mepphises, Sargoth- So a guy gets stabbed and robbed by a hooker. Just because he was an Imperial that automatically means it was politically-motivated and was done on the orders of the Emperor. It seems to me like we've started looking for intrigue in situations where none exists

Maro Naapaku, The Verdenes- wait, wtf? should I stop doing heroin?

Franklin Triesier, Mainland- I don't live in the NSE but I have TIE Network included in my cable subscription. It's all propaganda but they have all the sexy anchors....that's how they get ya... Daetra Vivum av Impirex! #DVAI

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  1. Who do you believe is responsible for the death of Reissman Pontevirra?10 votes
    1. The Emperor
    2. The Ritz-Khalifa Administration
    3. An organized crime group
    4. A foreign power
    5. A hooker


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