Tyrule Build Inspection Plz!

Could a Lord, at any chance, come inspect my build? Thanks!


  • HayHay Lady
    Hi, Nic
    I looked at your plot and it's off to a great start!
    As you seem to be making a rail station, I'm looking forward to this being an example of the vast improvements you mentioned our rails needed. =D

    Let us know when you're finished, can't wait to see it!
  • It is actually done, but if you would like to make some suggestions, I would be happy to add them.
  • HayHay Lady
    Oh, gotcha! Well, if that's your finished build, that's fine. I think all we'd need for you to be promoted is some landscaping in the grassy areas - perhaps some trees? =)
    Then you should be good to go!
  • There you go... Enjoy
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CereliaNo service SEAC - Lord Temple due to ongoing signalling faults. Good service on rest of line.
DulciaGood service
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Venezia MetroGood service Valeria-Biblioteca via Giardino. No service on other routes.
ZelosGood service.
West Shire RailGood service Nobityo-Solentse, UoC West-Thothum, Zege-Groenevelden, and Groenevelden-Amica.
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