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This is mainly directed to the admins and coders (Andy )
I know it been a while, so hi. So a few friends and I have started a little LAN server. I've been here since 2013, and I have always loved this type of commands/plugins/etc. I just wanted to ask a few questions about them. For the spawns, how do you make it so they cannot mine in that area, but still open doors? I also wanted to know how you guys did the property type things, in the main world. I'm not really asking for the specific code, although it would be nice, (I'm not trying to find out exploits or anything), I was just wondering if you could steer me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!


  • Do you mean the borders? We use Worldguard for that. And I think the spawn protection can also be done w/ Worldguard, but there are a number of plugins that do that.

    As far as the specific code, we really don't have any custom code for it, unless you want our region names, but that would be silly on a totally different world.
  • Thanks! We are having it survival except for the spawn! That will really help!
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