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Membership - reinaily

Hi, I'm reinaily! My boyfriend TheMysticalBard introduced me to you guys and has been egging me to join you guys so here I am!

My name is Aileen! I'm 18 and I live in the US. I'm not a huge minecraft person but it's a great game for me and my boyfriend to play together while we're in an LDR and building things together would be a great way to spend time together. I'm more of an MMO kind of gal when it comes to gaming. In real life, I'm working towards becoming a fashion photographer and creating my own firm or freelancing!


  • Welcome, Aileen! Your application has been accepted! It's awesome Bard talked you into joining us! I'm sure you'll have a great time with the community and each other on the Shire. When he said he was thinking of asking you to join, I got sooo excited for having another girl on the server! There are a few of us, but we could always use more lol.

    Anyway, since our plot worlds are down at the moment, I've promoted you to Yeoman so you can start building with Bard. You'll still have to get your materials from /warp Galleria, but I'm sure he'll show you the ropes and fill you in on all that. Have fun and I can't wait to hang out with ya on the Shire!

    You can now build in /warp tyrule where you'll find everything you need to show us your style and skill level and hopefully join us in the main world.

    ***If you haven't logged onto the server yet, you'll have to ask a staff member for your Tyrule ranking when you log on for the first time. If you've already logged onto the server, your Tyrule ranking should appear shortly.***

    Important information about getting started:
    - All your materials will be under the Tyrule spawn. To get to the materials area, follow the "yellow brick road." Just right click the "free" signs.

    - All tools and enchantments can be found in one of the spawn corners. Signs will lead you there. Just right click the signs for the tools and then with the tool equipped, right click the enchantment signs

    - You can be assigned a plot by doing /plot auto and then /plot home to get to it

    - Your tyrule build does not have to be huge or elaborate. Just something that gives us an idea of your style and skill level

    Please feel free to ask us any questions either here or in game. We're happy to help. And if you need assistance from a staff member, we're the folks with either blue or gold titles.

    Have fun!
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