Zebrus Empire To Test Nuclear Weapons

The Zebrus Empire run by ZebraFury is going to be testing nuclear weapon systems in the deserts of Sanjusaye in hopes to expand the war efforts of cleansing the world. The Emporer has been confronted at his palace about the wars true intentions but had blocked out any and all media from accessing his palace in hopes to not draw the attention of other Nations who may strike at him. More news as the story develops!


    BREAKING: NSE Threatens Sanctions Against Zebrus Empire

    Following the announcement from the Zebrus Empire's leadership that it plans on developing and testing nuclear warheads for the express purpose of waging war, High Chancellor Zeena K. Ritz-Khalifa threatened the country with "total economic isolation", a proposal backed by several of the NSE's key allies and other countries of the Shire.

    Since the collapse of the Fulflet Union in 1970, the Shire's nuclear powers have been steadily reducing their stockpile as mandated by the SUN's Unilateral Disarmament Agreement, which stipulates that all signatories must scale down their number of warheads by 90% before the year 2030. Nuclear weaponry is viewed unfavorably by a fair amount of Shirefolk and is seen as an unnecessary drain on a state's resources; as such, the potential emergence of another nuclear power was completely unprecedented.

    While many have lauded the High Chancellor's heavy-handed manner of dealing with the situation, others have criticized it as not being generally conducive to lasting peace. Some countries feel that further isolating a rogue nation will only further provoke it to violence, and a mutually-beneficial deal should instead be struck. The NSE's continued sales of arms to the oppressive Muhammed regime in the Sultanate of Baba has also drawn criticism, especially in the context of how they which to proceed with the Zebrus Empire.

    Regardless of which path the NSE chooses to take, all eyes are turned to the High Chancellor for leadership and guidance as Emperor Sammus is still under investigation for Imperial electoral intrigue. His office could not be reached for comment.
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