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My Excuses


I have been banned from this server for about 3 months for having stolen items from someone's base and disrespecting the staff.

I really am sorry for all the harm i could have caused for anyone, and i also excuse myself to whoever else i disrespected on the server.

I understand the gravity of what i done and i know i had a very bad behaviour.

I then thought about what i had done and i think i am ready to get back on the server.

Please accept my excuses.


  • I can't speak as I am just a Duke, but good luck on this and I hope you find a solution in the form of unban or a reason to stay banned.
  • I'm pretty sure Hay said your Ban was permanent, but I'm probably wrong. Either way, I don't think you're ready to return yet.

    @Hay Just letting you know about this.
  • I guess i should wait for the concerned person to respond then...
  • Your lack of a response should be enough of a response in of itself. Discussion closed
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