Happy Christmas from The Shire! :-)
Welcome! Please connect to the server (play.shirecraft.us) at least once before applying for membership. If you haven't joined the server at least once, we will be unable to give you a rank.

can I join

bogidar89 from Bulgaria Like the game and wanna join
I am 28 years old play minecraft casualy, play sporrt when have time , play ps3 games, read manga and watch anime like a boss!


  • Welcome to our server, Bogidar! Or should I say our server! Hurrah! Your application has been approved, and you have been promoted to Tyrule. Here's some useful tips:

    You can find all the materials you need underneath the Tyrule spawn (/warp tyrule). You can also find an enchantment area in the corners of the spawn; right click the appropriate signs to get the tool, and do the same with the enchantment signs to receive the desired enchantment.

    Use /plotme auto to automatically be assigned to a plot (or /plotme claim if you find an empty plot that you find especially empty and appealing) and /plotme home to teleport to it.

    Keep your build simple; a whole town is not necessary, a small (but detailed) build will suffice.

    Once you're finished with your build, let a Lord or Arbiter know so you can be promoted to the next rank, Yeoman. You can also approach us for any other questions you might have. Good luck, and have fun playing with us!
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