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Sekrit Santa 2018

MaghionMaghion Member, Wiki Editor
Welcome to Sekrit Santa 2018!
Shires exclusive secret santa event.

Some ground rules to cover:
1. Last year was a bit of chaos due to packages arriving late/ not arriving/ etc etc etc. So this year I will be imposing a e-delivery or merchant delivery only rule. This will save you money on shipping cost (especially if your recipient is overeas) and will save us headaches.
2. Should you choose to send the packages yourself, I will not be responsible for shipping costs and lost packages.
3. I will not be getting a PO box so if you don't want to give out your address, you can opt for e-delivery gifts only

Deadline to sign up December 14
Ever'one will receive their secret santas December 15 somewhere between 4pm 5pm ish EST

To sign up, please fill out this handy dandy form

1. What is edelivery?
Anything that can be sent by email. E-gift card, steam codes, etc etc etc
2. What is merchant delivery?
Shipping directly to your secret santa from online retailers. Essentially using their address instead of yours when placing orders.
3. Recommended retailers?
4. Is there a spending limit?
Try to keep it within $10 - $20 but I'm not in charge of your finances so....
5. Why post this 4 days into December instead of somewhere in November?

Any other questions, feel free to ask


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