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Valashu expansion.

Seeking approval for one more island to be formed, for part of the isle city of Valashu. This would be the last expansion to be added. A grass block outline has been made even with the water. Located between two of the other isles. Plenty of even ground would be welcome for building, but to also blend in with the natural biome. No real rush. Just a possible request. All opinions and advise are welcome.


  • Sure, Cres! I'll check it out today
  • ok you're certainly welcome to expand as much as you want... however...

    I tried making the area you had marked into an island. but we're without Voxel and FAWE and I basically crashed the server and it's a gdamn mess now. So I'm not sure how I'm supposed to ever make an island for you if I can't do simple things like drain water. I'll work on cleaning up the mess soon and removing all the sponge
  • Oh. I commented like seconds before Nebs did hahaha
  • Oh snap! Sorry about that Nebbers. Let me know if you need any help. It can be smaller. It don't have to be right on. Thank you guys!
  • Thank you for your help guys. The island looks good. Also, I’m done with the under water glass builds. Water can be replaced around them. Great last expansion!

  • Soooooo.... We only had WE to work with. Our trusty land-forming voxel is ded. So it's really not how I wish it would look.

    But I can do a little more to it if you wanted it to have some more levels or something. Just lmk =)

  • No, you guys did great. Perfect. Thanks!

  • Well used space. Skyscrapers are now being built in Valashu.

  • John117
    John117 Member, Engineer, Wiki Editor

    That trapdoor railing, oh lawd I might have to steal that

    Snow Burnt
  • that is a 10/10 modern building!

    Snow BurntCoffeeAndChill