Riverwood President Dead in Thessia, NSE

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Some Hard To Spell City That Starts With A Vesp..., Riverwood--- Following the annual Riverwood Ball held in Vespania Monday night, President Tyro Tryphaenus’ body was discovered in Thessia, about 30 minutes west of Vespania. While the NSE has refused to give a statment about the situation, a Thessia resident, who wishes to remain anonymous due to threats against her life, agreed to give their statement on the events that occured. “We were in the center of town when we heard a loud scream and two gunshots. We all ran to where we heard it and saw two men in all black fleeing from the scene into a boat. Shortly there after, we were rushed away from the scene and interrogated in a small room before being released.”

Tryphaenus’ body was found seated inside a small unowned home with a gun shot wound to the head and a gun in his hand in an apparent suicide. Despite the Thessia corner’s report and many pictures of the scene circulating the darkshweb, many believe this to be a failed coverup of an assassination by the NSE. “I think the Emperor is trying to tie up any and all loose ends after the latest scandal involving the Caffan legislators before the S.U.N. can investigate them,” Laurelian official Delevine Aulenturan Siola told reporters in a press conference Tuesday morning. “We have reason to believe Tyro Tryphaenus was planted into the Riverwood government through voting manipulation in order to expand the NSE’s influence and that the massive levels of corruption in the Riverwood government allowed the NSE to easily hide secret projects.”

Emergency elections have been scheduled for this weekend to fill the vacancy. Until then, Vice President Jaredith Wolvtia will act as the interim President.
Freja Karlsson, Bork| I wonder if the NSE was responsible for the derailment that killed the last president. Makes ya think...
Eew Nderton, New Enderton| He probably just got mugged or something. Not every death is the NSE's fault.
Builder, Venezia Nuova Construction Worker | Huuguhghhahgh gauglgu slgugha ga ga guagulagh Drink Luscious Costa Copy Today glugagh flagshrop.

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EDIT: Changed name from Pieskville to Vaspania or however it is spelt now
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    surely the best way to tie up loose ends in a secret and covert manner in the midst of an investigation is to publicly murder someone

    I had no involvement in this
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