Frustrated Oranjestad Commuters want More Action on Potholes

ORANJESTAD -- More commuters are complaining about damage to their knees and handcarts caused by potholes.

A growing number of Oranjestadians say the government needs to do more to make roadways safe.

Repeated freezes and thaws this winter are wreaking havoc on the pavement, especially to the multiple elevated walkways that criss-cross Oranjestad's core.

The city is infamously restrictive toward motorized vehicles, limiting most commuters to walking or using electric Segways and Bird scooters. The narrow streets make avoiding potholes extremely difficult.

Janie Ayward didn't make it to work on time Tuesday morning, after nearly falling through a Tier 3 path just outside the Shire Spire. The pothole ripped through the length of her pants and left her near naked and shivering.

Ayward says there are so many holes in the upper tiers, some deep enough for small children to fall through, that she believes the city should close the lane to traffic until repairs are made.

"A warning would have been great," Ayward said. "A few cones or something saying, that lane should not be open. Period. It’s not just one pothole. It is just peppered. So yeah, they need to do something. I already saw several feral children fall through Tier 2 today. They clawed at nothing as fell through the void - I can still hear the screams echoing in my mind. But it's the sound of the splat that's the most unsettling. Anyway, I'm sure they'll be fine - but we really need to fix these potholes before someone important gets injured."

Linda Brandt went to work Tuesday morning with the spare tire on her hotdog cart after hitting what she calls a huge hole on Skylan Highway Monday as she approached Olde Orangetown. She spilled all of her hotdogs out onto the roadway. Fortunately most were recovered and later sold.

She's out nearly $400 to replace her tire, and says the state needs to determine which holes are the worst, and either fix them or mark them for commuters right away.

The city wants drivers to report potholes to its 311 Action Line. Oranjestad has up to seven crews on the streets every day trying to patch potholes. OranjeDOT crews are working overtime for the rest of the week.

The pothole epidemic is just one of a growing list of frustrations citizens have had with their government as of late, with some accusing Lord Nebbers of Dereliction of Duty. Lord Nebbers has not made any official appearances in over 8 months.

Drivers can learn how to file a claim for damages at ::\\\markedfordeletion\citizenpetitions.www

"No one has seen Neb in like a year. Can we get a new leader plz?" Crenshaw Wiggums - Skylan

"I say we just do away with publicly funded roads - they're the ultimate representation of SOCIALISM" Robert Miles - Aboite

"I say we just do away with roads entirely. We'll never evolve wings if we keep walking everywhere" Michael Bolton - Homestead


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