BREAKING: Leaked Photos Cause Protests Across Riverwood

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Thousands of Riverwoodians gathered in front of the Riverwood Capitol to protest the New Sammichian Empire

Riverwood - Protests erupted across Riverwood yesterday afternoon after top secret photos from the Kiinthira were leaked across the internet. The images revealed the Elite Laurelii Peacekeeper Force (ELPF) undercover in the New Sammichian Empire (NSE) during their year long mission, and the assassins of the late President Tyro Tryphaenus, who was found dead earlier this year in Theissa.

Photo of the Emperor instructing two assassins to kill President Tyro Tryphaenus

Initially leaked on popular social media site ShireBook, the images were quickly shared among shirelings and spread to different websites. The leaker of the photos was Omm G. Hay Elementary School teacher Golia Vanderziski, who obtained the photos while chaperoning touring the Office of the Kiinthira as part of a program to assist at-risk youths across the shire. “We were waiting in a hallway while many of our students were taking a bathroom break and I saw these photos on a monitor in the room across the hall from me,” Vanderziski said. “I took a closer look and saw what they were and took as many pictures with my phone as I could. I didn’t fully understand how important these photos were until I reviewed them further upon returning to Riverwood.”

The ELPF accepting their assignment

The Riverwood Intelligence Agency (RIA) released in a public statement this morning stating “we can confirm that these images are legitimate” and that “the RIA and the Kiinthira, along with many other nations have been aware of their existence for quite some time.”

ELPF posing as the 5 Caffan legislators

“We were initially in communication with the Kiinthira concerning our ongoing investigation of Tyro Tryphaenus and his ties to the NSE,” Director of the RIA Kait Lowen told SGN. “When it was reported that Tryphaenus died under suspicious circumstances, and two men were seen fleeing on a boat, the Kiinthira reached out to us saying they believe that they have photos of the assassins being paid by Emperor Sammus Mephistes Ingmax vos Ich II and renting the boat seen leaving Theissa. We believe, at this time, that president Tryphaenus was murdered by the NSE.” Lowen declined to comment on the status of the investigation into Tryphaenus’ ties to the NSE and the suspicious election results.

ELPF being kidnapped and forced onto a ship in Laurelian

Other photos depict the ELPF in laurelian being assigned to the mission and posing as the 5 Caffan legislators, being kidnapped from Laurelian, the Emperor speaking to them while they were in prison, communicating and gathering intelligence from the guards, and the Emperor meeting with an arms dealer.

The Emperor speaking to the ELPF in an illegal prison

Many shirelings are outraged at the photographic proof that the NSE committed international crimes and demand action must be taken. “We have let the NSE bend and break the rules for way to long,” Mainland resident Ogluk Grogstro said. “We’ve had this mentality that we need to avoid any conflict in order to maintain peace within the Shire, and it is time that we quit thinking that way; something has to be done before the situation gets worse, even if it involves war.”

After several months, the ELPF befriended some guards and can be seen eating a meal outside of their cell

Political experts believe that these photos provide enough evidence to bring the Emperor before the Shire United Nations International Court (SUNIC) and have him tried. “This is a very complex political situation and the NSE can’t just cover this one up like they have in the past,” SGN Political Specialist Davzi Kivza said. “It will be very interesting to see how this whole fiasco plays out.”

Two guards brief members of the ELPF

Both the SUN and the Kiinthira have yet to release a statement on the situation.

Two members of the ELPF meeting with a guard at Castle Mugg

A guard sharing intelligence with a member of the ELPF

The Emperor meeting with an arms dealer

The assassins of President Tryphaenus seen renting the boat that was seen leaving Theissa

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