NSE Government Refuses To Apprehend And Surrender Emperor Sammus To SUNIC

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FULFWOTZ- Earlier this week, the claims made against the monarch of the Demmatrodine nation by Laurelian and several other countries were seemingly substantiated by a mountain of leaked photographic evidence.

The photos were leaked by Riverwood elementary school teacher Golia Vanderziski, who acquired them while touring the offices of the Laurelii Kiinthira; after she uploaded them to several social media sites, including Shirebook and Flutter, the images instantly went viral and have now been seen by millions around the world who are calling for the arrest and conviction of Emperor Sammus.

Most controversially, the images connect the Emperor to the alleged kidnapping of the five Caffan legislators who sought asylum in Laurelian following their attempt at instigating a secession of Caffa from the NSE, as well as potentially tying him to the assassination of Riverwood president Tyro Tryphaenus several months ago.

Riverwood, Laurelian, Naoki, and others have filed a suit against the Emperor in the Shire United Nations International Court; SUNIC's recently-elected president Thiago Camparra issued the following statement in response to the various court filings:

"...The evidence implicating His Imperial Majesty in crimes not only detrimental to the welfare of his nation, but those in all corners of the Shire, is indisputable. These are not the ideals that the world of the 21st century is seeking to resurrect from the era of violence and subjugation before the Great War, the age from which the Emperor hails and seemingly still belongs. I strongly encourage Emperor Sammus to retain a semblance of accountability and decency by surrendering himself to stand trial before SUNIC, as he has twice before; if not, then I pray we can rely on the New Sammichian Empire to arrest him and honor the SUNIC Oranjestad Statute which, when it become a signatory of all those years ago, brought forth an expectation of such justice, law, and order from all nations of the Shire."

Despite this, Chancelleric Press Secretary Charles Bedlam affirmed in a press conference earlier today that the Office of the High Chancellor would not be taking action against the Emperor, which, despite sparking outrage across the Shire, was celebrated by many in the NSE, where His Imperial Majesty retains an almost cult-like following. This stance of the Chancelleric government is enough to ensure that SUNIC can never prosecute him in person nor inflict punishment, as the organization has no police force of its own and relies on the participation of the signatories of the 1935 Oranjestad Statute in order to arrest and surrender those facing trial. The NSE has made it clear that it's not planning on cooperating.


What's With Zeena K.?

Analysis by Imperial Correspondent and Political Analyst Kalique Kapoor

RIDING off the back of a massive corruption scandal that resulted in the resignation and arrest of former High Chancellor Kiera C. Krugerrand, the Imperial people elected Zeena Komal Ritz-Khalifa who made clear her intentions to make the Empire a place ruled by law and order, not status and wealth. She railed against corruption in the ranks beneath her; since her election in early 2017, over twelve individuals in the Imperial government have been prosecuted and found guilty of various crimes including bribery, extortion, and blackmail.

On the streets, her impact is felt as well. As one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Fulfwotz was in desperate need of someone to rein in its skyrocketing crime rate, and Ritz-Khalifa was up for the job. Through programs passed under her administration that retrained police officers and weeded out the "bad apples", as well as programs aimed at keeping at-risk youth off of the streets and out of gangs, the crime rate plunged by 7.8% within two years. As wonderful as this all is, the question must be asked: if she's so bent on tackling crime, why has she refused to arrest the Emperor in the face of overwhelming evidence of his guilt?

The answer may be clearer than you expect.

Simply put, she is very likely angry with the various countries that participated in a fairly-overt intrusion and act of espionage targeting the Imperial government. To act on the evidence presented to the world would set a precedent that if someone has a score to settle with the NSE, all it takes is the planting of a few spies and a few months of digging around before you find what you need and the country takes your word for it. It makes the Empire not only look weak, but susceptible to further foreign intrigue and influence.

She's not exactly alone in this sentiment, after all. A fair amount of Imperial citizens believe the evidence to be falsified, but it seems as though there's a more significant majority that acknowledges the evidence as truth but simply does not care. It's worth understanding this from the perspective of an Imperial citizen, whose views of morality are likely a bit skewed from our own. They think that a head of state acting in like manner is normal. Everything the Emperor did was for the benefit of the New Sammichian Empire, and it's more than safe to say this is actually true. All of the acts he's been accused of carrying out can be connected to the advance of the NSE, and not simply for the sake of personal gain. Many view him as a sort of purveyor of renegade justice against the enemies of the Empire, and are more than happy to let him continue fulfilling that role.

So let's take this back to the High Chancellor. Foreign entities infiltrated her government to present evidence against her head of state, and the majority of her citizens either don't believe it or don't care. She's nearing the midpoint of her term, and has an election in 2023. Is she being elected by the people of the New Sammichian Empire, or the entire world? You got it. The only people she has to answer to are the ones within her borders, and she's done just that. Emperor Sammus evades capture - for now.



Rebecca Sondheim, Lost - you have got to be fucking kidding me

Stephen Talphus, Albast - THIS. you don't think we know what our emperor is up to lol? he's the only mfer with the balls to stand up to the riffraff called the SUN and SUNIC and those laurelii bastards

Noelle Thompson, Avignon - [In response to: Stephen Talphus] dude literally assassinated another country's president and yall don't even care. that's cute. I wish you guys knew how much better off the world and the NSE would be with that fucking warmonger behind bars.

Bill Costa, Aberdeen - FWD: FWD: find the gay person:

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    back in my day when countries had a disagreement they murdered all their young men. WE NEED TO BRING THIS BACK!!!!!! WERE RAISING A GENERATION OF WIMPS!!!!! WE NEED TO FORCE THESE KIDS TO GROW UP!!!!!

  • Bill Costa is racist against gay people

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