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Membership - Spaicol

Spaicol Member, Engineer, Wiki Editor

Hello, my name is Spaicol, i saw a video on youtube where your server was mentioned and it made me want to explore it.

My real name is Michael and i'm 19 years old, i currently live in italy but i'm going to move soon as i need to attend university in the UK.

i've played minecraft since 2011 and always have been a fan of digging holes, the biggest one i dug was 1000x1000 on a minecraft server with some of my friends, we decided to decorate it and build a steam punky town in it.

i can only find one picture at the moment unfortunately, but ill put it in anyways.

My main plan on the server is to recreate Laketown from the Lord of the Rings as it has always been a dream of mine.

i hope you have a wonderfull day!


  • Welcome, Spaicol! Your application has been accepted! 

    You can now build in /warp tyrule where you'll find everything you need to show us your style and skill level and hopefully join us in the main world.

    Important information about getting started:

    - All your materials will be under the Tyrule spawn. To get to the materials area, follow the "yellow brick road." Just right click the "free" signs.

    - All tools and enchantments can be found at every exit of the materials area. Just right click the signs for the tools and then with the tool equipped, right click the enchantment signs

    - You can be assigned a plot by doing /plot auto and then /plot home to get to it

    - Your tyrule build does not have to be huge or elaborate. Just something that gives us an idea of your style and skill level 

    Please feel free to ask us any questions either here or in game. We're happy to help. And if you need assistance from a staff member, we're the folks with either blue or gold titles. 

    If you haven't logged onto the server yet, you'll have to ask a staff member for your Tyrule ranking when you log on for the first time. If you've already logged onto the server, your Tyrule ranking should appear shortly.

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