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Err: Unknown Item Name [insert block id here]

Hello Shire,

I'm attempting to get some items for my main plot in Tyrule, however there is an "Error: Unknown Item Name" coming up each time i press the sign. For now, I went to survival until the error is fixed,





  • HayHay Lord
    Hi thank you for reporting this. Which blocks had this error? I will fix them asap.
  • Hello,

    All of them except any that require a button to get the items,



  • HayHay Lord

    Thank you. It seems our plugin for the [free] signs isn't accepting the legacy IDs anymore. We will fix this asap.

  • edited May 2019

    Hey, thanks for reporting this! We're currently working on fixing the problem. So far, the Galleria is working again, and we will fix Tyrule ASAP.

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