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Membership - Casual_Steve

a friend of mine sent me your server ip and i would love to play on here with him ^ ^


  • HayHay Lord
    Please tell us more about yourself. You can use some of the other applications as a reference. Ty =)
  • I don't like to say much about my self online but i can say that i use to play this game way back in alpha so im pretty much a fossil now i come and go on minecraft but i always come back haven't been committed to a server in a long time normally their are to many people and most just want to kill you so i wanna try and become a part of a server world again just also i work at a bar so if i ever long on and you think im drunk just kick me and put it in the reason for why haha

  • HayHay Lord
    Thanks. Yeh, we really don't need to know anything about personal life, just stuff about yourself as a gamer and how you roll with Minecraft. Thanks for redoing the app.
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