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Membership - w0ngyukhei

yangyangyangyang Member
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Hello! Tyrule Member lilDeejski has given me a warm welcome so I've decided to follow them.

I'm 19 years old, and live in Ontario, Canada. You probably have already guessed based off my username, but yeah I'm a lowkey Koreaboo (not really I just like Kpop lol)

I found you guys through a video Gameranx did on people that played one video game for years and it paying off in the end. I must say, creating an entire subway network is EXTREMELY impressive and I want to contribute to the server based off that alone.

If there isn't a Russian-based area in the server already, I want to try and recreate some key areas of Moscow and St. Petersburg in the server. Mainly to impress NFKRZ because I like him so much hahahahaha

Any questions?


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