WEASEL NEWS - Romino vs. Freeman UPDATE

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WEASEL NEWS!! Bringing the news of the Shire to you!

Good afternoon Shireton's. My name's Mick McRay, and we're recieving breaking news in the Romino vs. Freeman Lawsuit. We've only just heard now that Jessica Freeman has filed a counter-suit against James R. Romino for $40M after he filed a $20M lawsuit against her following a Factbook post she made about his controversial lawsuit against James Stanton in 2017. Our correspondent Daniel Dwight (The Bottom Picture) attempted to speak with Ms. Freeman's lawyer Wikus Van Der Merwe (The Top Picture) earlier to get a comment regarding the lawsuit, however, his wife has said that he is currently unavailable. We'll have more to this story as it breaks.


Lavernius Tucker, Oranjestad - You know something? I wouldn't mind getting into Ms. Freeman bed. Bow Chicka Bow Wow.

Jacob Peralta, Babylon - This whole lawsuit reeks of bullshittery on both sides. It's the Andrew Watt vs. Sidney "Sid" Alpha case all over again.

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Nabe Gewell, Hobbiton - CAN ANYONE SEE THIS? PLEASE HELP! I'M BEING HELD CAPTIVE BY DERANGED FANS WHO WANT A SEQUEL TO PARTIAL-BEING 2: CHAPTER 2, BUT I DON'T HAVE.... OH NO, THEIR COMING BACK!! THEIR TRYING TO PULL MY PANTS.... NO!! NOT THE DIL- [User was muted for 1 Month | "Most likely a troll trying to pull a sick stunt." - Admin: Jonesy Bonesy]

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