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2019 Building Competition - Utopia

EnderKilla Arbiter
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It's been awhile but I'd like to welcome back the first building competition in over a year! For this building competition, it will be a very flexible in the styles you choose to build and should be a great canvas for creativity!

Utopia/Paradise/Pastoral will be the theme of the building competition, somewhere that is perfect and idealistic! You may have multiple interpretations of the building competition's theme that's not just a tropical paradise but may be from somewhere that is futuristic or religious, but have it be an ideal and perfect place/world. Try to get as creative and unique as possible for your build, but remember to have fun!

For the building competition, the plot sizes will be 85x85 and all participants will have access to creative mode. As we are not offering World Edit or Voxel Sniper, you are not allowed to use WE or VS in this competition, however it may be offered in the next one. Be sure to make the most of your plot and even try to use the space underground as well as in the sky!

The competition will begin May 31st and will end on TBD (>= 1 month). (May subject to change)

More info may be found at /warp BC!


Some reminders:

- We expect all projects on The Shire to be the original work of the creator(s) and not be replicas of pre-existing projects, failure to do so may result in disqualification and further actions can be taken.

- Everyone will have creative mode regardless of rank - Tyrule and up are encouraged to enter.

- Build must be completed with interior to qualify for judging.

- Staff members are welcome to participate but will not be able to judge if entering.

Do /Warp BC from May 31st to claim your plot!

/plot auto - assigns you a plot

/plot claim - claims the plot you're standing in

/plot home - gets you back to your plot (You might need to use " /plot home:1 " or " /plot home:2 ", etc...)

/plot clear - clears your plot — This CAN'T be reversed, so be careful!

Winners and Prizes:

- The number of people entering will effect the number of winners we'll have. If many people enter, there is a good chance there will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner

- Prizes will be in-game prizes. In the past, winners have asked for certain WE powers or VS powers. Yeomen have asked for creative mode. The prizes vary and are ultimately at the discretion of staff.

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