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Idea: Murder Mystery

Greetings fellow Shire people,

Recently I have been thinking of somehow creating a murder mystery on the shire. At first my thought process was only having it placed throughout my build once it gets large enough to do that, but that is not what I am here for.

The reason I am here was for your thoughts and opinions over having a giant murder mystery throughout all of Shire as like a big event letting people travel across the waters and land of the world letting people visit places that haven't seen or heard of before to find clues. I was thinking of having it on or around the Shires birthday and calling it something like "The Shire's Murder Mystery Party," but the date can always be moved.

This idea is just an idea at the moment. Therefore it does not have to be something that we do. It seemed like it would be fun, letting people have a little breather from their builds and converse with others. Thank you for your time.


D. Wolfe


  • Hay
    Hay Lord
    I volunteer @Antheus to be the one that gets killed
  • Batman
    Batman Member, Retired Staff
    edited June 2019

    I like it. Reminds me of the quests @nebbers made. You two could collaborate on it, if he's willing. He's already got a similar framework down.

  • Ah yeah - Good ol' Duncan. I'm worried that half of that quest was accidentally bulldozed by new builds... I should go check it out

  • Hay
    Hay Lord
    Duncan's quest ended so...... I think we all have some emotions about Duncan that are still hard to share. Duncan's story was intense
  • Some say you can still see his bones glinting in the moonlight, somewhere in Knavobuki

  • Hay
    Hay Lord
    Duncan's story was better than GoT Seasons 5-8
  • Liandria21
    Liandria21 Member, Wiki Editor

    I freaking love this idea.

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