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1.18 Survival Server

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1.14.4 Update

I mentioned earlier that I might try to do this today, however after reading up on experiences other people have had, I'm not going to. Will wait to see if the major bugs get fixed in the next release. feel free to get back to building!

EnderKillaSnow Burnt


  • Hay
    Hay Lord
    Thank you so much for everything you do to keep the Shire updated and working properly! ❤️❤️❤️
    Snow Burnt
  • Thank you Andy, very cool lol

  • Yes, thank you.

  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer

    also to add... anyone with a 1.14.4 (or older, but not older than 1.13.2) client can connect to the server, so anyone on the latest version doesn't miss out on The Shire!

    you'll get the best experience if you connect with a 1.13.2 client.

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