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Hot Air Shipyard in Spawn

Hey lads,

its me, your boy Spaicol, so i had an idea and i think it might be interesting to discuss with all of you.

As some of you probably know myself, Smoot, Nebbers and some other players have been working on the Spawn area for quite a while now.

Today i was looking at the Minimap and realised theres a very big island right next to spawn that is practically empty *see pic below.

Because of this i tried to brainstorm with some of the homies and we thought that it would be cool to give the island the porpouse of being a Air Ship Shipyard as in a place where Airships are constructed and can land and go from spawn to other places.

the idea is still in its primordial state so it would be nice if people gave their opinions on it and gave availability

in case they wanted to participate in the building process, it would be a nice thing for the 10 year anniversary as a server project.


  • Hay
    Hay Lord
    I've got airships at Laurelian to donate. I mean... Copies of, that is lol
  • Lord_Drekar
    edited July 2019

    I've literally spent the past 3 days building an Air shipyard lol, so if you get stuck with it I can try to help

  • One more suburb in Mainland ? First, it seems interesting, looking at how scarce it is to find land near the spawn these days, and also, I'd agree with this project, although I'm no one to decide, because Mainland only lacks a hot air shipyard.

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