Overnight Vandalism and Cable Theft Leaves Passengers Stranded

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STA Service Update — 12 August 2019


Overnight VANDALISM at one of Mainland's most historic landmarks has caused outrage amongst commuters from Equos County this morning. Theft of rails, signalling equipment, and extensive damage to Arena Ruins railway station has left the structure unsafe, and engineers fear that the station will need to be demolished.

There is currently no service on the Aether line between Equos County and Central due to the incident at Arena Ruins.

Mainland PD has released a CCTV image of one of the trespassers. Anybody with information that may identify the culprit is urged to contact their local police station immediately, quoting incident 69420.

Trespassing on railways is very dangerous and illegal. Trespassers on Mainland's railways will be prosecuted, and may be fined up to $2,500 or be required to undertake up to 100 hours of community service.

Ticket acceptance is in place with local alpacas via any reasonable route. Passengers are urged to only travel if absolutely necessary. Tickets between Equos County and Mainland may be used to travel via Alqualonde until further notice. If you choose not to travel due to this disruption, then you may be entitled to a 2% refund on your fare.

Gwenllian Llywelyn-Driscoll, Group Communications Director, Shire Transit Authority



Hugo, Equos — Any excuse to make us late for work... Thanks STA!

Brad, Shiredale — D R A M A Q U E E N S !

Lyra, Elathuria Island — We don't want more of THEIR type passing through our quaint island!



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