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Just a map of what's going to be developed for neighbors and curious people.

There will be three streetcar lines (sometimes at street level, sometimes underground) as shown on the map.

There might be an extension of the Red Line towards the other side of the river for an eventual connection with the main STA Railway Network, due to lack of space on the island for a railway.

All lines will generally have simple infrastructure : single-track and 3-block right-of-way to save space, and 3x3 large tunnels. All lines will use tunnels to go under the sea, except for the Red Line from the Beach Resort to the other side of the river due to lack of space on the Beach Resort.

Other specific locations are indicated on the map.



  • Cool! looks like it's going to be pretty nice, can't wait to explore it when it's done

  • Hello,

    Due to lack of space for a tunnel portal on the Red Line, the plans are a little changed for the lines.

    The Customs main building won't be build directly near the shore, but in front of a viaduct for the Blue Line and not behind it - the original plan was for the Blue Line to directly under a tunnel and the Customs building over it. The terminus will still approximately be at the same place, although it won't be an underground station as planned but and elevated stations with a little space for shops.

    This also means the Red Line will not cross the sea by a tunnel, but by a viaduct.

    Vi ses snart i Frankrikeshavn, Norks222.

  • This is most unfortunate news. However, I concede it sounds like it is for the best. Godspeed, Norks.

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    So the Central Station of Frankrikeshavn opened. For anyone who has shopping chains through The Shire : there are shopping spaces in the station for you. Here's what the opened sections look like right now.

    EDIT : Thanks a lot Andy ! He set up an STA ticket office and a Costa Copy. So no more shopping spaces available.

    Vi ses snart i Frankrikeshavn, Norks222.

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