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Mainland Subway

CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
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Just stumbled upon some old media from when the Mainland Subway opened in Sept 2013

This was the first line to feature ticket machines at all of its stations. The ticket machines are still present at stations that haven't been upgraded since the line opened.

The Mainland Subway replaced a few lines that were in the area already, including the elevated rails through the bridge above Plaza, a series of tunnels around Shai-Town, and the link from Central to Brandywine.

Since the line was opened...

  • we've added a new station at Lamename Township. (this was since blocked off and replaced by the current Lamename station)
  • Soon after, Shiredale station was linked to the Hestia line, and the ticket machines were removed.
  • Then Odd Facade Resort and Lamename Township were added to the Zelos line when it was constructed in December 2013.
  • Opera House station was remodelled with shops, a hotel, and the ticket machines were removed.
  • More recently, we've connected Temple District to the Thule line.
  • This week, we've upgraded Shai-Town station with 2 extra platforms for the new Mainland Metro.


  • I'm still confused between the Mainland Subway and the Mainland Metro though.


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