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Dynamic Map - Center Around Player

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Hello all,

While exploring the world I was using dynamp to navigate the rail system and check out some of the builds that stood out. Anyways, I couldn't find a way to have the map follow me so i created a little userscript to follow me on the dynmap. The script will ask you for your username when you load the dynamic map. Make sure to enter it exactly and with the same capitalization.

I use a browser extension for chrome or firefox. Then when you visit this page the extension should prompt you to install it.

After installing the extension for your browser and visiting the installation page, visit and you should be prompted for your IGN. The map will now follow that IGN around :D


The code:

Clear your saved username:

Quickly set a new username:

Edit: There is an issue on Firefox. I'll get it fixed in the next few days. Resolved

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