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Membership - CanaDan

Hey everyone , I’m Dan, 29 from Toronto. I recently spent some time recovering an old laptop that had Minecraft installed which got me into playing for fun again. I clicked on multiplayer and noticed The Shire server was still active. I had applied to the server 6 years ago and with some digging, I even found my old application! (What a trip down memory lane).
I’ve been playing minecraft across various platforms for many many years now. I use it in my classroom with my students for various interactive lessons. Would love to have a community where I can build and let my creativity flow again. I remember spending time on this server years ago and having a blast!



  • Welcome back to the server, Dan! Your application has been accepted.

    You can now build in the wilderness. You can find everything you need to build with at /warp galleria.

    I remember you from a while ago so I restored you to yeoman instead of tyrule.

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