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Membeship - OktavijusNess

WillysamWillysam Member
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Hello! My name is Oktavijus & I just recently found out about the amazing and massive creative server that is "The Shire" and was immediately dumbfounded by its size and works. So, here I am applying for a chance at playing around on the Tyrule Plots and hopefully building on the mainland some time.

IGN: OktavijusNess

Age: 18

Country: U.S.A

Why?: I heard about the server and was really impressed when I logged on. Often times I find myself not interested enough in other creative servers so I thought It'd be cool if I had my own build on this cool-ass server that's been up for a long time now.

-I first heard of the server through a you-tuber named gamerranx.

-I really like to build anything, but I have found that I am really inspired to build fantasy and spooky stuff. I also enjoy implementing a story in my builds so players feel like the build has a history and character.

-I'm part Lithuanian and have a huge heart for old platformers like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon.



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