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memebership mulletmario


I am a 18 man who lives in the Netherlands.

I am playing Minecraft for 4 jears now most of it was building small things, now I would like to be part of a big building project. I mostly build sci-fi/medieval city's and I think I am really good at it.

I saw in your server that you din't had any sci-fi/medieval city's, so I would like to build some for you. I have a youtube channel so I can promote you in my video's

So can I please have a rank where I can build so I can help you?



  • nebbersnebbers Lord
    edited November 5

    Hello MonstriX,

    Thank you for your membership application. Welcome to the server!

    We definitely have sci-fi and medieval cities, but we can always use more and better ones!

    I've accepted your application, and promoted you to our 'Tyrule' rank.

    Information that will help you to get started may be found here: https://wiki.shirecraft.us/index.php?title=Application_Process#Acceptance

    If you have any questions, then we're here to help — ask in our 'Support Area' forum.

    Enjoy !

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