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To lose a friend... Important, please read


Sometimes there are things occuring that you never want to hear, and the other day, this was what happened.

It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that our old member and friend, 0031benjy, or Ben, Benben, as many of us have come to call him, passed away on December 2. He was 22 years old.

It is a difficult time for us all, but especially so for Ben's direct family. As such we would like to kindly ask to respect his friends and relatives who are not a direct part of our community, and refrain from contacting them directly in these heavy times.

Please feel free to use this thread in order to share any memories or condolences that you wish to share about Ben.

And, finally, always remember that we are all together in this time of sorrow. We are with you in this.

Your Shire Family

in The Shire's Staff



  • While Ben was not active during much of the time I have been a member of the shire, the occasional times he would talk in Discord or hop in the server were always wonderful. The stories people have shared about him in the past show that he was a great member. I am deeply sorry for his family and friends. If other people are willing to help, I propose we build a monument in his honor at spawn.
  • Sammiches822
    edited December 2019

    Ben was a really good friend of mine and one of the first people I met when I joined nearly eight years ago -- as much as I'd love to write a heartfelt and mournful message in remembrance of him, we all knew him to be the kind of person who approached life with a laugh and that shithead sense of humor of his.

    Ben was a real one and I'll miss him dearly.

    I talked to him less than two weeks ago; our last conversation was about inhaling THC oil through our noses. I told him I would try it and report back, and looking back on the messages we have saved on Snapchat, it kind of breaks my heart knowing I'll never get to tell him what it felt like, and it really hurts having never been able to meet him despite only hours between us.

    Tonight, I'll be inhaling THC oil through my nose in honor of my dear friend and sending a message into the universe, hoping that wherever his soul may be, he'll laugh and call me an idiot.

    I too would gladly assist in the construction of a monument in his memory.

  • I will always remember him! He was a really cool person, will never forget him!

    I would like to help on builing the monument in his memory, please tell me, if there are some plans, where and when to do so!

  • So sorry for all of your loss. He seems like he was a beloved and lovely person.

  • Sorry for your loss. I will keep his family and friends in my prayers.

  • Thank you, @Wuggeh0 and @Cresent_Kid it really means a lot ❤️
    Snow Burnt
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