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Survival Village

Hey guys. I finally got the enchantment table set up at the village, (Still needs a few book cases). Its by my house atm. We can move it to a better place when ready. Also, the farm and animal pens are 60% complete. They are down the cobble stone path. Enjoy!



  • The tunnel from spawn to the "Village", is now operational. If you look to the ocean at spawn, and follow the shore to the right, you will run into the bridge. The tunnel begins were the bridge touches the land. The builders/miners who helped make the build possible, may post there name in the comment section below. Thanks guys!

  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer

    I found a partially finished nether route 👀

    Snow Burnt
  • Snow Burnt
    Snow Burnt Member
    edited January 2020

    A mysterious lake has been discoverd outside the villages boundary's. Someone has placed a sign naming the lake "Mystic Lake". (No wonder, it glows!) Looks like a great place to build.

  • Farm is almost complete at the village. Cactus has been the most recent addition. Pigs are the only farm item missing. Bacon any one?

  • Local rail around the village is 75 percent complete. Iron shortage has slowed progress, so more mining is required. Rest of the village looks great guys! Good work.

  • I think I've got some spare iron for this.

  • Thanks! But I got the rest needed from the “Path Of Pain” today. We could always expand the rail as well.
  • I might modify the rail network though, to make the freight station of a real, good use. Would be great to have it going until the Ice Farm, amongst others, and have a few branches. Maybe more switch posts, or a centralised switch post (or both if someone has advanced redstone skills) could fix it. Double-tracking the line (one track for passengers and one for freight) could be a solution, too.

    Snow BurntCoffeeAndChill

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