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Baguette village

Hey yall,
Me and my friend @tlne1806 are thinking of building a village that we will gradually turn into a town. We found a great spot on -726.990 ...73.0000...-505 566
On these coordinates you will find a valley near nub city and right next to Hwales and Durin . We need the confirmation to build from these two places especially Hwales and Durin. The village will be in a medieval or medieval/fantasy style. If anyone wants to join us just contact us, and I'f there's anything we should know regarding the building rules (we've both reed them, but just in case) let us know. I hope you can get back to us soon.



  • nebbers
    nebbers Lord
    edited March 2020

    I'll want to run it by Crotenis, he built hwales. It's a good spot but it's not a ton of space! Alternatively, if that doesn't work for one reason or another, what do you think about just north of there, -819 -978? It's has a stadium on it right now but I'll move that soon. I guess my concern is, yeah it's a good spot for a village but if it expands to a town, before long you'll be butting up against hwales. Which is fine by me if it's fine by crotenis.

    I was going to ping him on Discord but I don't think he's on there! Dang it. @Crotenis

  • VJ_6
    VJ_6 Member
    Thanks, I didn't know who built it otherwise I would have asked them. I'll go check the coordinates with my mate. I was thinking of copying the style of hwales for a couple buildings at the hill that devides the two places, possibly creating a tunnel thru it.
  • It would def make more sense to be close to hwales if you’re a similar style, then. That’d be cool. Hopefully we hear from Crotenis soon!

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