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Shire Warp Scavenger Hunt

Quarantined for the next couple weeks? Why not take the Scavenger Hunt Challenge? Rediscover lost cities, explore amazing landscapes, and uncover dark secrets hidden deep underground. This challenge will have you visit (nearly) every warp in the world (as of 3/16/2020). Note that rank warps and a couple others are omitted. There will be a Grand Prize for the first challenger to complete it successfully - I don't think anyone will finish though :) Which is great because I haven't figured out a prize yet. Spectator Mode is prohibited, and please don't post any answers here. If you think you have them ALL, message me. You can also message me ONCE for a lifeline - I'll give you a clue for a question you're stuck on. Anyway... best of luck!

1 Aberdeen: Find the Shape That No One Acknowledges or Speaks About. Who abducted the Shape?

2 Aboite: Go get a donut at Glazed & Confused Donut Shop. What is the flavor of the day?

3 Acadie: Who founded Dreambender mattress store and what is his famous tagline?

4 Aelan: Just fly around and admire :) Who built it?

5 Aelfort: What is the lion’s name?

6 Aetheria: What is the lower level of the Wizard’s Respite Tower called?

7 Airport: What is the name of the plane at the Lobco hangar?

8 Albast: What is one thing that comes with being a tenant in 35Condo?

9 Alqualonde: There is a building that’s sort of setup like a mess hall. Find the secret passage and go inside. Where does it lead? (Name of the room).

10 Alsma: What unusual poster does Sammich have hanging in his bedroom of his Alsma home?

11 Amphitheatre: What day was it established?

12 Anchorhead: How many tenants are there in the Habitat for Insanity building? Include the roof tenant. You don’t have to name them.

13 Applewoods: What does Woody sell?

14 Aquilo: What is the small camp in the middle of Aquilo?

15 Atheos: What is the X: height of Atheos?

16 Athitica: Find your way to the depths of Athitica’s mines. What quote is on the wall?

17 Atlantis: Go and order yourself a “Cute n’ Bubbly” from the Casino bar. What will it cost you?

18 Avignon: During WWII, what were Avignon’s vineyards converted to?

19 Baba: How much is a bowl of Gummy Brains at Wolfe’s Necromancer Restaurant?

20 Babylon: What is the Blue Note Cafe & Jazz Club known for?

21 Bannermuseum: How many Riverwood banners are in the “History” section of the museum?

22 Barad: what is quoted on the wall behind Sauron’s throne? (just what is it from, is enough)

23 Batavia: What religion do the good people of Batavia follow?

24 Belthil: Where does the door behind the front desk in Sad King Billy’s Orphanarium lead?

25 BenArtMuseum: What is your favorite art piece in the gallery?

26 Birchville: Can you find the dungeon? What block is nebbers’ head on?

27 Blacknight: When was it built?

28 Bloodmist: What God do they worship in the crypts?

29 Boggle: What mighty creature overlooks the village?

30 Boneyard: Who does Master_Chef credit with helping him build Boneyard?

31 Bork: What movies are showing at the Thor Cinema Multiplex? (pick one)

32 Bree: Where would I find the Euthanarium? Unrelated Bonus: Can you find the insane old man’s house? What happened to him under his house?

33 Bristol: What is this village made from?

34 Briston: What flower is in the flower pot on the throne?

35 Brosillon: Where do they make cheese in Brosillon?

36 Brunswick: Who made the “Friendship” public art sculpture?

37 Brutalpest: According to the wedding guest board, what did PC do? Unrelated Bonus: Do you know your Shire history? Who built the church where Lia and Mie were wed? Where was the after-party? Who built that?

38 Bucketheadland: How would you describe Leatherface’s personality?

39 Budapest: Does the fatted llama take reservations? Unrelated Bonus: Shire History - What happened in Budapest that once caused the town to be divided by a wall? (answer isn't in the town)...

40 Burrone: What does Burrone need?

41 Caffa: What cola brand are they selling in the Caffa souvenir store?

42 CAKE: Cake.

43 CalisidiaNP: Isn’t this nice?

44 Carvenhall: Does this even deserve a warp?

45 CastleArgh: What two religious artifacts does the castle hold? Side note: I think the castle looks just fine without using Soartex Fanver texture pack, don’t you agree?

46 Chestermills: Shire History: What was Chestermills originally intended for?

47 Clarisse: What is the farmers name?

48 Clementine: What do they sell at Boyz boyz boyz? 49 Who is holding a rally at the Clementine stadium?

50 Cognac: What statue looms over the village?

(Let's split this up....



  • 51 Colony: What is the name of the Inn that overlooks Colony Bay?

    52 Contracthall: What contract does Valashu have with Laurelian?

    53 Corrion: Who made it?

    54 Darkisles: Just take a lil tour, no questions here :)

    55 darktown: if you could pick one block to describe darktown, what would it be

    56 dawnton: What four minister positions sit alongside the God Mit Uns throne?

    57 disneyland: what’s the one thing the builder of the village asks of you?

    58 disputatio: What were some of the names suggested for the tower?

    59 divinitysreach: challenge yourself! go for a ride on the elytra obstacle course. Who wrote the rules?

    60 downton: Who built it?

    61 dragonstone: What are the seven revered figures within the Sept?

    62 dragosh: there is a hut here with a unique item hanging on the wall. What is it?

    63 drosvenar: find your way to the vault secured with hardlight bridges. what room is at the bottom of the shaft?

    64 durin: find your way to the forge. what weapon is on the wall?

    65 Ebethron: an unusual cake… uhhh.. creation exists inside the city walls. What is it called?

    66 Ebidos: Who can we blame for never finishing this place? Side note: Are you interested in purchasing and finishing a town?

    67 Edita: Who built this lovely little oasis within New Venice?

    68 Elathuria: Who is this named after? (Yes, Elathuria… who is that?)

    69 Eldorado: What IRL civilization(s) would best describe the style of El Dorado?

    70 Eliza: Where might I find a nice cup of hot cocoa?

    71 Elmswell: What do the serve at the Black Horse Inn?

    72 Emelle: Probably doesn’t need its own warp, but just look at how pretty it is. What movie do these houses remind you of? THERE'S ONE RIGHT ANSWER, SHIRELINGS.

    73 EmeraldCity: Where can I find a bear, a lion, and two elephants?

    74 Epsilon: What quest location is this for Malachi?

    75 Equos: Where might I find Bobert the Voodoo Doll?

    76 Esthar: Who built this? /region info won’t help you and I’m not sure if it’s labeled anywhere. Maybe ask around? Ok ok.. clue... he's got a 'treetop inn' in Covid Village.

    77 Europa: Who is buried in the memorial park? 

    78 Eville: What is written on the side of the rocket?

    79 Exton: What is on the floor of the hidden ‘red’ room? Unrelated Bonus: There’s a weird long floaty build that’s just west of the town. Any guesses what that is a recreation of?

    80 Falore: What’s the one thing they sell in the Falore Welcome Center?

    81 Feralan: What is the name of the tree?

    82 Feverly Hills: What color carpet is throughout Yonce’s mansion?

    83 Nuovo Firenze: Another nation-state has a strong presence here, what is it?

    84 Floffwym: Who is the chancellor?

    85 Floressima: What items are in the item frames in the ‘food storage’ room?

    86 Forestmeadows: According to the visitors center, who founded Forest Meadows in 2013?

    87 Found: What is your favorite looking building here?

    88 Frankrikeshavn: What building/floor might I find Mayor Norks desk?

    89 Frentwood: What is the slogan on the wall in the Afterlife club?

    90 Friday: Take a ride on the swirly! Who built this ride and founded Fridayfunland?

    91 fulfwotz: Who or what is Ser Leif of House Snowgrab?

    92 fulfwotzgrandterminal: What vending machine can I find here?

    93 fulfwotzharbor: there are a couple signs here clearly marked for the Scavenger Hunt. One of them has a quote on it, what does it say?

    94 Galleria: You know it, you love it.

    95 Ghastreach: What two rail lines cross this small town?

    96 Gholein: This walled town is home to one franchise and one franchise only. What is it?

    97 Giardino: Where can I find a surface to air missile defense battery?

    98 gong: Many of Gong-Chengshi’s buildings are copied into another old part of the server. Where can you find these?

    99 gosd: What is the main export?

    100 Greenvale: Find the black market. What does Wolffgang sell? (This one might want you to quit playing this scavenger hunt, it’s a toughie).

  • 101 Groenevelden: What battle took place here in 1677?

    102 gunderhelm: find the Hall of Culture. What nation is represented by the first exhibit on the right as you enter the Hall?

    103 Havana: When are AA Meetings held in Serenity Church?

    104 Hazellia: One of these vendor stalls is a bit ominous, wouldn’t you say?

    105 headmall: What store front has paints?

    106 headmall2: What storefront has office supplies?

    107 hearthstone: there is an unusual glass cube in a basement. How would you describe its coloring?

    108 hedgemaze: challenge yourself to beat the hedge maze! Have an accountabilibuddy staff member follow along for verification (you don’t have to).

    109 Helvetica: The shamrock pub celebrates what team?

    110 hobbiton: there are 4 unusual chambers deep below haymistresses house - what item(s) is in them?

    111 Hoch: An operator has a picture of his spouse near his desk. What is the spouses name?

    112 Holzdorf: Find the excavation site. What topic is written about on the back wall?

    113 homestar: Recognize these buildings at all? Where else might you find these same buildings? 114 Who built this place and why is he a notable member of the Shire?

    115 Hulduholl: Who should you call for a good time?

    116 Hwales: What’s the special of the day at the Tavern Cavern?

    117 hyrule: Who built hyrule and who is it dedicated to?

    118 Ionia: Who has an apartment across from the Real Estate office? Full username? (don’t need the numbers…) Extra Extra Bonus: What day/year was he promoted to Architect? (The answer is on a street sign in neb’s city)

    119 Isengard: What kind of wizard is Saruman, really?

    120 Ivory Beach: What is the only shop open in the food court? 121 In your opinion, what state of development would you say Ivory Beach is in? Finish the scavenger hunt and you can become a co-owner and help fix this place up!

    122 Kabush: What color prayer mats are available in the mosque?

    123 Kaldaron: Where can you find Owen Wilson’s career? 124 Who is in the Kaldaron detention center’s Isolation Cell?

    125 Karaam: “ahead lies treasure. be warned”. What treasure awaits in the room ahead?

    126 Keikei: Where is Hay’s vacation home, in the geographical/topographical sense of the word?

    127 Kelimanjaro: What is the captain’s name of the KSS Bridget?

    128 Kibarra: What did Ripley dry and press and used to make a book? 129 What is your favorite store in the resort town? 130 What one thing dominates the “drekoning” suite?

    131 Knavobuki: Who is headlining at the theater? 132 What kind of discount is happening at the Butterfly Department Store?

    133 Kraghal: What secret lies beneath Andrew’s house? (don’t let the signs fool you - Port city of Thonsgor is considered part of Kraghal for this scavenger hunt).

    134 Kuzvak: What skulls are in the Enchanting Occulary?

    135 lamename: Deep within haunted tunnels is a large chamber w/ a large bell. What is the bell made of? 136 Two unique items are on display beneath the the Hallowed Castle. What are they? 

    137 Laurelian: where can you find the Deathblossom? 138 Crumb & Toast: What are they, what do they do, and where can you find them?

    139 Leuton: What heads can you see on the floor in Psycho’s house?

    140 librarytown: There is a special lantern hidden away in a fountain. There’s a sign there, what does it say and who wrote it?

    141 Lord: Just look around and enjoy, it’s nice here.

    142 Lost: What color is Nemo’s Bar and Grill?

    143 Lothlorien: What’s the first category of books available for sale when entering Alphafish’s book store?

    144 Lucca: There is a sign in a house with a number written out on it. What is the number?

    145 Lythia: There’s a warning about Room 107, what is it?

    146 Mandolin: There’s a house with a medal on display, what is the medal?

    147 Meissa: “[blank] was here on 3.3.17”. Meissa is more than just the island, FYI...

    148 Mercator: (seeking volunteers to finish this promising town) What is the name of the home remedies store?

    149 Midrule: What is the power source of Midrule?

    150 Minas: Find the secret path deep inside the city. On the floor there is a sign, what is on the sign?

  • 151 Mitunir: Who built it? 

    152 Modaora: What year was SANGRE last in radio contact?

    153 monkeyton: who is the president of Wolf Integrated Systems? What do they make?

    154 monticello: what day did the wonderful head exchange take place?

    155 mooshoo: how much for a nights stay at moonshoo hotel?

    156 Moria: What was Balin doin’ ’til the end’? Also, go beneath Balin’s tomb for a good time.

    157 MountBritain: What two rail lines pass through here?

    158 Mythos: This area at the time this was written is still heavily under construction. What god is represented here, rising from the waters?

    159 Naoki: Naoki’s vertically stacked fighter plane launcher is currently loaded with how many planes in total? 160 What is the maximum occupancy in the North Corner Ramen restaurant? 161 What is Line 1 of Step 3 at HAWT NOODS restaurant?

    162 netherstore: Zyno made this long ago as a place to get nether blocks. Who has a house here?

    163 newbrumley: How would you describe the two stone temple facades that were discovered by Dr Dan Auerbach? 164 What was the BrumleyBell Reactor Corridor? 165 How much do the AirBnB’s cost? Unrelated Bonus: What is New Brumley named for, and where is that? Super history bonus: What old town built by rapidraccoon once stood on these grounds?

    166 NewClementine: In what building can you find Yuzu Flower restaurant?

    167 NewEnderton: What is the name of the hedge animal in the park?

    168 Niflheim: What kind of creature lives in the depths of this place?

    169 Nobityo: What number do you call for a franchise?

    170 nunya: do you know who built this? (no seriously i don’t know who made this, help plz - obviously if you don't know, this doesn't count against you)

    171 nurburg: Take a ride on a horse around the track!

    172 office: In the Hallway of Love, who is credited with encouraging this member to sign up and join the shire? 173 Describe the two murals in ChocolateMilk’s office. 174 What machine exists in the depths of Jenner’s real office? 175 What vehicle is in Morris’s office?

    176 olala: who has a small wooden home here with a nice big basement?

    178 opera: what was being celebrated on stage?

    179 oquash: what color is “LEL”?

    180 oranjestad: what building here pre-dates the city? 181 What tower has a floor filled with “Assorted Trivia”? 182 Where does “Big Boss Fat Cat” work? 183 What is being performed in “The Irving”?

    184 Orikami: What students sit behind the “genderless bus driver”?

    185 Osiris: What color floor does “beer & burgers” have?

    186 Paarsdam: How often do you need to feed Andy’s Meatslave (Paarsdam’s Chief of Transportation)? 187 Upon entering Sultan Baba’s Holy Mosque, what must you do?

    188 Palustris: How much for a dangerously hot coffee? Unrelated Bonus: What famous landmark is NE of Palustris? Where was it originally? Who made it originally?

    189 pangea: Tanked Twins Pub promises Cold Beer and what else?

    190 peaksend: Who was Andromedus Peak?

    191 Pennsy: The hunchback is in love with a woman named ___?

    192 Petra: What giant-sized game is being played here?

    193 Phobean: How much is a pen at Pen Island in the marketplace?

    194 Pineconevillage: What happened to the Samedi family? 195 What grisly secret is in the Howling Well? 

    196 plaza (covering anywhere in the core mainland area): What is the yelp review for Shiresalads? 197 In what neighborhood was the Silver Bridge before it collapsed? 198 When did the killer awake?

    199 Port: What is the Special on the menu at Wayward Wings?

    200 Prontera: (hey will you finish this place?) What statue is in the center of the city?

    201 Pryzm: There is a special button you’re not supposed to press unless WHAT happens?

    202 reaperland: what will you find in the deepest level of the fallout bunker?

    203 Redtown: Who killed (or is responsible for killing) Tigre?

    204 Reeder: What day did Reeder join the NSE? 205 Who is the nature walk named for? For real Dan Reeder is one of my favorite songwriters, you should listen to him. Start with "I Drink Beer", "Havana Burning", and "Angels May".

    205 Rex: This town and the few storefronts are all a reference to what?

    206 Rhius: Where can you find the Artemis Bow?

    207 Ritunim: Heaven is to Hell as Ritunim is to what? 208 A ‘remake’ of Ritunim is being made, do you know where it is? Name the closest warp to it.

    209 Riverwood: Where does Dori the Botrista work? 210 Why is the falafel stand closed? 211 Who teaches computer programming? 

    212 Rougeport: Where is grandma’s house?

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    213 Saguaria: Who is the Divine Baron?

    214 sakura: nice place, right?

    215 Salazen-Grum: Where can you find shield wax?

    216 Salenia: That [blank] snack?

    217 Sam: Whom must we obey?

    218 Sandalvania: Where does Jimbo live?

    219 Sargoth: Frozen ‘?’ Tavern

    220 Seabreeze: What is the building with the satellite dish called?

    221 Seabriar: There’s a costa copy here (because of course there is) - where can you find it?

    222 SEAC: Jumping into THIS will cause serious death.

    223 Sera: There’s basically one store in the ‘new’ seratapera - what is it? (scavenger hunt does not explore the old seratapera, but you should check it out too!

    224 Seventon: Maybe we’ll finish this in time for our 10th anniversary?

    225 Shadowfell: What does this do?

    226 Shadynasty: What’s the name of the town provisionary? Bonus: How do you pronounce shadynasty? Bonus bonus: What is this a reference to?

    227 shai: Lord Andrewpo was here: when?

    228 shaitown: where can you find orange-shape fruits?

    229 shepland: who made this place?

    230 shirecastle: according to the map room, how many projects are there on the board?

    231 shroomtown: prob doesn’t need its own warp, huh… who built this town (as implied via chest ownership)?

    232 shrowded: what is the name of the Keep?

    233 Sihai: grove of whom?

    234 Silex: At the end of the dungeon is a hall of purple glass. What is at the end of the hall?

    235 SilkTouch: What is the Almighty Dojo God primarily made of?

    236 skiresort: in ‘Cristmas’ storage, what two things can you find?

    237 skyhold: throughout this scavenger hunt, what is the one thing you’ve learned about Gaansan builds?

    238 skylan: What word of advice does Joe offer when it comes to reading books?

    239 Slyy: name three sports available to play outdoors here. (you could argue for a bunch but im looking for the three most obvious w/ purpose-built facilities

    240 slyygolf: where are the tees for hole 1, topographically speaking?

    241 snowymill: probably doesn’t deserve a warp… 

    242 Sol: ‘finding this sign is like finding a (x?)

    243 Solentse: What is “the baba ghanoush”?

    244 Spirulida: Deep underground is a house, and in that house is an armor stand. What is on it’s head?

    245 Sravasti: (hi hello please volunteer and finish this place too). What is “Combetta”?

    246 stormends: where does implosion222 live in the summer?

    247 Summerstone: Who is the chancellor of summer stone?

    248 you can skip ‘sun’ and ‘survivalnether’

    249 synagogue: “this is why we can’t have nice things” is on what and where?

    250 Talmis: Who owns Colonial Kitsch? 251 Who was the most popular family in Talmis?

    252 Taman: What is the ‘staff pick’ record in the top left?

    253 Tanima: Who found a quarry?

    254 Taynia: hey what’re them bouncing things in the tower?

    255 templedistrict: meat is his “x”, flesh is his “x”? 256 Where can I find a sign that says “ur mom gay”?

    257 Thothum: How much for a loaf of bread at June’s?

    258 Timberstone: Where can you buy fresh fish? ‘virdicts”

    259 Tomoya: where was Morris sent to for a month to think about his actions?

    260 Transfagarasan: ‘where can you find sein restaurant?

    261 travincal: what color chairs are in the throne room?

    262 treetops: who lives in ‘sky high’?

    263 Tyro: What does the glass temple of “Phee” resemble?

    264 Vadam: What is the temperature? 265 What must you remember to do in the red stone mines?

    266 Valashu: Where can you find “Wolfe’s Necromancy”?

    267 Valenciennes: what IRL city is this inspired by?

    268 Valeria: What do they teach in Langley 003?

    269 Vanir: You should hop in a boat and ride around Vanir! It’s hella fun.

    270 Vankesh: What is “The Walking Taco”?

    271 Vashon: What is the color scheme of Ayu’s Pub Vashon?

    272 Velaiyre: How many mirrors are in the bathroom/dressing area beneath the Fresh Prince’s bedroom?

    273 Veneziana: I’m looking for a sauna. Where is a good place?

    274 Venice: I need to export some minerals. Who do I hire? 275 “Touched by his Noodly Appendages” can be read where?

    276 Verdenes: How did the islands form? 277 Which island is Kaava? You should take a hike through the islands, it’s really nice.

    278 Vertiment: Considering their main export, what does this island seem dangerously low on?

    279 Vespania: What year did Queen Vespania Claudia Ich VII die?

    280 Voutsinas: What does Adrian sell?

    281 Waldorph: What is the big factory here? ‘utility muffin research kitchen’

    282 westport: how much for a 16th century painting?

    283 whail: hey what’s that big moon from?

    284 whitevale: This place could use some finishing.

    285 Winterfell: Same here.

    286 winterville: What would you say is this town’s theme…?

    287 woodstock: nice place right? Sorry, it’s just so small, I really don’t have anything for you to find here. But def check it out. OK OK, just for proof that you visited - what empire owns this?

    288 Wytapcha: Would you say this is a big town or a small town?

    289 Yetu: Now I can’t say with 100% certainty because I didn’t ask DESTRUCTOR (side note, for a guy who destroys he sure builds a lot)…. but what IRL mosque is this village based on? At least in my opinion? It's a UNESCO world heritage site, this isn't impossible I promise.

    290 yorkshire: It’s a lovely town. Who has a shrine just beyond the borders?

    291 zaphoria: it’s like once you get towards the end of the alphabet, warps just all seem more and more unfinished…

    292 zvez: what is the approximate firepower (measured in a scale of your choice… TNT, rabbit farts, etc) this facility can fire simultaneously? Just make something up - you’ve made it this far. If you followed this Scavenger hunt in order, congratulations on finishing!!

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  • Not even IIII know what the "Deathblossom" is in Laurelian, so when y'all find it, let me know hahaha

    Aw and Crumb and Toast ❤️
  • I realize this question setup is not ideal. These are also compiled in a Google Sheet. NO, you can't all just collab and complete the sheet. But you could copy this into excel or something similar to make it easier to track.

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