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Skira Line Scavenger Hunt

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Ok the first scavenger hunt was stupidly large. Let's break this down into bite size pieces that everyone can collaborate on. It's ok to solve with people, just don't post the answers here please.

Skira Scavenger Hunt: Start at /warp Reeder and then catch a train toward Petra to complete this. Each question has been color coded for difficulty, green being the easiest:

Reeder: Q1 What day did Reeder join the NSE? Q2 Who is the nature walk named for? ✅For real Dan Reeder is one of my favorite songwriters, you should listen to him. Start with "I Drink Beer", "Havana Burning", and "Angels May".

Anchorhead: How many tenants are there in the Habitat for Insanity building? Include the roof tenant. You don’t have to name them. ✅

Rex: This town and the few storefronts are all a reference to what? *Google will help if you don't know off the top of your head* ✅

Acadie: Who founded Dreambender mattress store and what is his famous tagline? 🔶

Cognac: What statue looms over the village? ✅

Athitica: Find your way to the depths of Athitica’s mines. What quote is on the wall? 🔴

Phasma: What four players built Phasma? ✅

=====Rail line splits here - come back later and finish the second leg====

New Ann Arbor: What is the population #? 🔶

Shan-ning: What's your opinion regarding the structural integrity here? ✅ Who made this area? ✅ Do you want to adopt it and fix it up? ✅

Petra: What giant-sized game is being played here? ✅

====second leg====

Phasma to Kelimanjaro...

Kelimanjaro: What is the captain’s name of the KSS Bridget? 🔶

Camelot: What is being served in the dining room? 🔶

Range Guild Village: A room of ice and coal... what block is encased in ice? 🔶Q2: Go back into the mountains, beyond Range Guild's border... what people live in Troggo Cavern? 🔶

Elathuria: Who is this named after? (Yes, Elathuria… who is that as it pertains to the server?) **Ask around, do some searching... you won't find the answer in the town** 🔴

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  • Congrats to DreamingAtDawn for being the first to complete this scavenger hunt!!


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