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Plans for the new survival server

Since we don't have a thread for this yet, I figured I might create one.

Let's try and find a good piece of land to establish as the location for the main village/spawn area. Ideally it should be relatively flat, not snowing, not in or near a swamp, and have room to expand in multiple directions, and of course near where the default spawn point is.

As for starter farms, let's have a communal farm just like the current survival server, along with buildings for markets and other community builds.

I will create a railway system to connect people builds to spawn, like there currently is. (not immediately, an iron farm will need to be made first)

As for automatic farms, once the materials are there, I will make an enderman farm again. If anybody is good with villagers, a trading hall and iron farm are both good places to start.

AFK fishing will be nerfed in the next update, so afk fish at your home base as much as you can.

If anyone had any ideas, or is good with building certain farms, feel free to comment on ways you can help.


  • So, I'm planning on building a few buildings :

    • a large building containing an automatic smelting system on multiple floors (one to stock what to smelt and fuel for the furnaces, one with the furnaces, and one with the smelted items) ;
    • a warehouse containing all weapons and armour dropped by mobs, especially the enchanted ones ;
    • a semi-automatic chicken grinder and cooker using lava.

    As for transportation : I engage myself to actively build and maintain railways, canals and docks. All builds shall be able to transport goods and eventual passengers towards or from Spawn. So there should be some space made in prevision of eventual railway stations.

  • Do you want to work on the railway system together? I made the majority of the railway system in the spawn area of the current survival world, so I'm pretty proficient. An iron farm will be a must have however, so that will be one of my first projects.

  • As it was your proposition to have railways from spawn, of course ! I won't do it alone, it would be too much work to do. We'd also need a lot of gold though.

  • If you guys need any help, let me know. LittleBro and I have set up base not too far from spawn. Still getting the basics in order.

Railway Status

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