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Aether Scavenger Hunt

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Take ride on the Aether! Stop along the way and gather the clues to complete this scavenger hunt. Complete it however you want but just don't post answers here :) First person who completes it will get a customized title of their choice for a month (pending staff approval). I've rated each question for difficulty as well using red yellow or green, green being the easiest:

Groenevelden: Q1: What battle took place here in 1677? Q2: Where does Trengis Dengleblatt live and why does he live there? ✅

Little Wangleton: Complete the sign: "If this is little wangleton...?" 🔶

Phobon: his town is best remembered for its birth, death, rebirth, and current state of paralysis. Who built it? Where can you find remnants of 'old' Phobon today? ✅

Amica: Upon arriving, what little historical factoid do we learn about Amica? ✅

Wilderness beyond Amica: What gift did the people of Covid Village give to the STA? Nearby is a door - what "republic" is inside? 🔶

Ivory Beach: Q1 What is the only shop open in the food court? 🔶Q2 In your opinion, what state of development would you say Ivory Beach is in? ✅

Arcadia and surrounding area: Q1 What three towns do you pass but don't stop at on the way to Arcadia? ✅ Q2 What nation controls the Westenzee Canal? 🔴Q3 What happened to the inventory of Waitrose Copy in Arcadia? ✅

Karaam: Q1 “ahead lies treasure. be warned”. What treasure awaits in the room ahead? 🔴Q2 What two companies built the Trippy McTripperson tunnel? ✅

Whitevale: This place could use some finishing. Q1 Who built it? ✅Q2 What company sponsored 'the meaty tunnel'? ✅

Tyro: What creature does the glass temple of “Phee” resemble? 🔴

Equos: Where might I find Bobert the Voodoo Doll? 🔴

Arena Ruins: The sacred tree house here is home to what people? ✅

Central: What is the "CreamyToria"? ✅

Belthil: Where does the door behind the front desk in Sad King Billy’s Orphanarium lead? ✅

Bork: What movies are showing at the Thor Cinema Multiplex? (pick one) 🔶

New Venice: Q1 I need to export some minerals. Who do I hire? 🔶Q2 “Touched by his Noodly Appendages” can be read where? 🔶

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