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New east-west line proposal

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  • I would like to make a suggestion for a new line/extension or branch of an existing line. The Shire doesn’t have any reliable east west lines, so I think a potential extension of Hestia west past Brandywine West connecting it with the Juris/ Cerelia lines would be useful, it could also be extended east past Hyrule to Emerald City. Right now the only lines connecting east to west are the Aether and Cerelia in the north, but a line further south like I suggested would be a good connection.
  • I recall there being a project of an extension from Brandywine West to Bree, that I agree to build the tunnel for if it's still planned, but I don't know if it's really useful to have another link than the Aether. Nevertheless, if this project is accepted, it should go by Covid Village (no joke, it's really named like this lol), Bastarsports, Darkensaga and Elmswell.

  • Right now if you want to get to, say, Fulfwotz from New Vashon, you have to go all the way up to Karaam/Arcadia and then all the way back down to Fulfwotz. An east/west line bisecting further south could cut travel time in half, not to mention service new areas as mentioned.
  • Could look roughly like that.

    As you can see to travel those parts of the Juris/Cerelia requires a large detour. I think this route would be very useful. I know there are more pressing projects right now but I think this would be a very practical expansion of the railway network.

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    I was wondering, what software did you use to make that map @Alexander987 ? I was thinking I could use the same software or my town's metro system

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  • Just a simple powerpoint document.
  • oh, okay

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    If you’re looking for something to make a map, this is one of the most useful tools I’ve found:

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    This is what I made using twintubes (link in my previous comment). This was in 2016; it's unfinished, and will be missing more recent stations like 'New Brumley'.

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    @Alexander987 Could go from Brandywine West to join up with the track between Bree and Lothlorien, don't stop at Lothlorien or Silex-Civis, then split off after Silex-Civis and continue West to Pangea Valley.

    After stopping at Pangea Valley, continue going West to merge with the Cerelia line. Head south, skip SEAC, stop at Withering. Continue going south, skip Nunya station, stop at (new) Castle Argh station, then can head West towards Sol and join up with an existing line that goes East-West within Sol.

  • Honestly, a direct line to Sol would be a good thing. We already have the Aether in the North.

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    Also, adobe illustrator looks like a good tool to use, only problem is that it costs approx. £20 a month to use it. I might use that to make a map for my town's metro system.

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