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Isolation Gaming

What're you playing at the moment?

For me, it's

  • Factorio on Steam (would recommend)
  • Satifactory on Epic Games (not that fond of it)
  • Minecraft (meh)
  • OpenTTD (a weird game for weird people)


  • just waiting for shire survival with the boyz :)

  • My kids got animal crossing, so testing that out on the switch light.

    Shire survival. Worked in creative some.

    Also get to play Trail blazer maintenance. Change the six spark plugs, and one coil. (Not really a game.)

  • Currently it's

    • Minecraft
    • DCS World

    I might have to get back into OpenTTD. It's been a while since I played it :3

    I worry I might get sucked back into the factorio wormhole.

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