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1.17 Survival Server

Launched July 3rd.
Learn more and discuss on our Forum, or #survival on Discord!
Run /server survival in-game to join.
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Membership - Blubvis725 (Crackeri0 in minecraft)

I would like to join the membership. I am 13 (Mistype with the 6 first) years old and I live in the Netherlands. I found this server from reddit, I really would like to improve my build skills even further. I have been building for several years now and I always had a lack of creativity and inspiration. I can build pretty well and I have been looking on this server for a while now. It is very cool to see how so much structures and so much different styles are in one world. What I will be building in shirecraft are medieval and futuristic buildings/cities. Also I like to help people if needed!




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