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smarmypumasmarmypuma Member
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hi I'm smarmypuma, I'm 14 and really enjoy terraforming and building in Minecraft, I live in Washington state (USA) and a lot of my terraforming inspiration comes from the area around where i live with places such as the Puget sound, san Juan islands, Stevens pass, MT's. baker, Rainer, and St. Helens. although I enjoy build in a medieval style, a feudal Japanese and Chinese style, and fantasied style, I can build a modern build as well and a lot of my inspiration for that comes from the nearby city of Seattle. i found the shire from my friends who said that i should join and would enjoy it. in the shire I want to build and showcase my builds so that other people can see and comment on them so that I can improve my building skills. I also enjoy making YouTube videos and streaming Minecraft on twitch. outside of Minecraft i enjoy going on walks with my friends, playing D&D with my friends, watching anime, being a nerd about everything, skiing with my friends and family, going to my cabin in the cascade mountains, going on short hikes during the summer in the cascades, reading until my parents have to threaten to take away electronics due to how late i stay up reading, and coding. thanks for your consideration (my mom made me put this part in).

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  • CoffeeAndChillCoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer

    Hey @smarmypuma,

    I've accepted your application and promoted you to the 'Tyrule' rank which lets you build in our world for new members. 

    Please run the /warp Tyrule command to get started. When you arrive, read the signs and use /plot auto for a place to build.

    The 'Tyrule' rank/world exists for you to work on a small project before we let you build in the main world and give you access to our survival server. 

    When you're done with your project, or if you need any help, then please ask someone in game, on Discord, or in our 'Support Area' forum.

    You may join us on Discord at

    Enjoy :-)

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