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The Greater-Spawn Manifest

As requested please find attached our plans for spawn.



  • Thank you for putting this together. I think one of the most important things about this renovation will be inclusion. Mainland is a collection of builds from so many different players and with so much history that letting this be a mega-group project is the way to go. We need to all be able to participate and have a say.

    Tell me more about these bridges you highlighted - are these all elevated walkways? The elevated bridges have been getting a lot of flak as they do seem obtrusive to the spawn area, especially rainbow boi. I can definitely see these kind of bridges on the east side of Mainland and into Oranjestad (like that aqueduct bridge between Oranjestad and Temple District). That could be part of your Phase 2?

    Looking at your red zones on the map... I'll start at the top with the old 'puppen' area. Thats basically all pasted in tyrule builds, a couple BC builds, and some houses I made. What would you like to do there? I'm ok with relocating builds from there. I think this one is pretty much ready to be worked on right away.

    Other red zones to the south are iffy... lots of old builds are there. I could see some garden/road work around the office, and the roads in the 'french quarter' are a mess. Roads and gardens always a safe option.


    TBH I'm more interested in your phase 2 and phase 3. There's always been a barrier between mainland/oranjestad/venice in that strip of land (land of no one, as you put it). It's so close to being interconnected. I'd be really curious to hear what you have in mind there and how to accomplish that. And Phase 2/3 would be much less controversial than the current spawn changes.

  • Feel free to remove the already existing elevated walkways as they are deemed to obstruct the view of spawn (please note that 2 of them have not been built by me personally). The other red zones require extensive terraforming for gardens and roads to work well, so I think that's a needed compromise. That being said, I'm not beginning phase 2 and 3 until the aforementioned projects have been completed.

  • I'd like to see the "pause" button pressed on the skybridges. While they do look great as their own element, seeing them all together and noticing the big change they make to the Mainland skyline has me believing that they might not be best as a project going through anymore areas than it's currently in.

    The red zones on the map: I see no problem with working on roads and landscaping. I'd like to see all the buildings left as-is. I think we've had enough new buildings and building styles added to spawn/mainland for now. I think there is a little bit of fatigue we are experiencing with all of the big changes being made to areas and builds that have sentimental value to us.

    On a personal note: The area that was cleared out and redone for the rainbow bridge was one that I redid a couple of years ago. I had a lot of fun doing it and I was happy to have made the contribution to spawn. That is gone now. It's fine, but it was something sentimental to me that I gave up for your project. I would like for there not to be a reason for anyone else to feel like they must give up their contributions to spawn/Mainland.

    I think with there being an interest in phases 2/3, it'd be worth skipping to and with it being away from historical builds and the Mainland skyline, you would have more freedom to do as you wish.

  • Understood. we will commence phase 2 effective immediately, please feel free to revert all changes made to spawn in the recent days.

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