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Railway line proposal?

Hello! I haven't been on here in a while. I am here today to share a proposal for a new STA railway line that I have planned and finalized pretty much since I first joined The Shire, and if approved, the line will connect at least 17 (maybe a few more) cities, towns, and landmarks in the northern Shire.

Above, you can see the map I made detailing the proposed route of the line, which I have named the Stafford Line for the time being. Now, let me talk through the line's 17 proposed stations (if you only see 16, that's because I was a buffoon and forgot one of the stations on the PowerPoint :P), and maybe a couple more that I didn't include on here but could possibly also be stations.

The Stafford Line starts off in Caffa, heading northeast towards Gork, and then southeast towards Argenfort. Both Gork and Argenfort have some rails set up from what I've seen, and Argenfort actually has a station with an opening for the "Thule" Line, which does not go anywhere near the town. If Stafford is approved, it could take "Thule's" place in that station.

Stafford then goes south to Taman. The main purpose of having a station at Taman is so Stafford (a decently trade-based line) has a direct connection with Juris, which connects to large cities such as Venezia Nuova and Oranjestad. After Taman, Stafford heads northeast to the town of Mewni and east to the temple (I think?) of Sihai.

After Sihai, Stafford begins going southeast again, stopping at the towns of Flotte and Sachi, then heading east-northeast past Coda (which I forgot to include as a station, but it is part of the proposed station list) and Dahlia, the latter of which seems to have rails close to being ready for Stafford if the line is approved.

I then have Stafford going southeast through the small village of Vogue before going east and connecting with an existing line that connects Jommerstown and Riverwood, the next two proposed stops.

After leaving Riverwood, Stafford is slated to pass through the Dawn Mountain Ski Resort, but it could also pass through the Dolphin Verde Casino and Resort; I left the latter off the list of stations due to Dawn Mountain being closer and more convenient to Riverwood's location, but Dolphin Verde could also be a station.

Stafford then passes through the town of Mercator (or Mercator's Requiem) before heading east to the Midrule suburb of Cornnet, but there are a couple of locations between Mercator and Cornnet (Jenner Castle and Sapperstree) that could work as potential stations as well.

The last stop on the line is Laurelian. I'm not quite sure where in Laurelian the Stafford Line would end, but probably somewhere convenient to the city's infrastructure and Cornnet's location. So, that's my proposed Stafford Line.

I've had a couple of ideas to extend the line southwest past Caffa to the third major trade center in the north, Rigel, but I'm not including it in the proposal because 1. I'm unsure about it and 2. Rigel is far from completion.

Thank you for reading through this! It is much appreciated.

~ Boris


  • Caffa (western terminus)
  • Gork
  • Argenfort
  • Taman
  • Mewni
  • Sihai
  • Flotte
  • Sachi
  • Coda
  • Dahlia
  • Vogue
  • Jommerstown
  • Riverwood
  • Dolphin Verde (potentially)
  • Dawn Mountain
  • Mercator
  • Jenner Castle (potentially)
  • Sapperstree (potentially)
  • Cornnet
  • Laurelian (eastern terminus)


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