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Howdy There - Application

Hi there folks, my name on the minecraft end of things is Zoncula, a title picked by my boyfriend, whom I adore. Currently I’m living in Wisconsin, but I was born up in Alaska and raised over in Minnesota, and I’m not sure why I wrote out “currently” there as I have no real plans of moving away as of now, though I definitely wouldn't be opposed to it seeing the way things are going. As for what i want to bring to the Shire, and why I want to join, well, y’all seem like a really wonderful community of friendly folks, and the server, as a whole, is a massive masterpiece. I don’t think I can match the beauty of the massive builds all around the place, but I do want to build a few smaller scale like, homesteads and farms and such, all the while hanging out with some fine folk.

I really enjoy playing fingerstyle ukulele and guitar, especially when it comes to songs from films and games that I love, right now I’m working my way through Mia and Sebastians theme from La La Land, but for the last two years I was practicing arrangements from Ghibli films, which are a real treat to play. Otherwise, I’m a big fan of powerlifting and rock climbing. Oh, and I love design, illustration, animation and figure drawing, and if you want to see some of that, just let me know.


  • CoffeeAndChillCoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer

    Hello and welcome, @Zoncula!

    I've accepted your application and promoted you to the 'Tyrule' rank which lets you build in our world for new members. 

    It would be nice to see some of your illustrations. You're welcome to post here in our 'Art and Music' category, or share on Discord.

    Please run the /warp Tyrule command to get started. When you arrive, read the signs and use /plot auto for a place to build.

    The 'Tyrule' rank/world exists for you to work on a small project before we let you build in the main world and give you access to our survival server. 

    When you're done with your project, or if you need any help, then please ask someone in-game, on Discord, or in our 'Support Area' forum.

    You may join us on Discord at

    Enjoy :-)

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