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Welcome! Please connect to the server ( at least once before applying for membership. If you haven't joined the server at least once, we will be unable to give you a rank.

Membership - Pilgrim01

Hello! Happy new year from South Korea!(Note : Our country is just about to start the new year)

While I was searching for any exciting challenges with Minecraft I found that there is a server that is open TEN YEARS BEFORE and still is. So i was like "Oh, that's kinda interesting." and decided to visit.

And there I met some cool users who were really kind and open to me. When they suggested me to be the member of the server, I didn't hesitate. Yeah, I like to make a very quick decision. That's me!

I am twenty years old, and I just passed the university entrance test so this year I am freshman.

It's been almost eight years since I started to play Minecraft, but as I am grown, League of Legends has become the major one that I spend my spare time with. Recently, the memories brought me back to this game so.. Let me see if I can have another good memory from this interesting server. I just hope to make good relationship with other users as we proceed on the projects and share the ideas. Let's make the server be filled with joy and enthusiasm!

p.s. Honestly, I am not a good builder. BUT I have the passion to learn from others so.. Can I say that I am qualified? Hehe


  • Happy new year! Welcome to the server @Pilgrim ! You don't have to be a good builder to play here, you are most welcome here. No pressure to build anything either, you're free to just explore. Congrats on your acceptance to university, by the way!

    "Let's make the server be filled with joy and enthusiasm!" - Yes! This is the mission for the last 10 years and I hope it continues.

    I've accepted your application and promoted you to the 'Tyrule' rank which lets you build in our world for new members. 

    Please run the /warp Tyrule command to get started. When you arrive, read the signs and use /plot auto to get a place to build.

    The 'Tyrule' rank/world exists for you to work on a small project before we let you build in the main world and give you access to our survival server. 

    When you're done with your project, or if you need any help, then please ask someone in game, on Discord, or in our 'Support Area' forum.

    If you use Discord, feel free to join us at

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