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Riverwood Renovations

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  • Buildings must not have significant exterior changes
  • Buildings may only be moved small distances (with exceptions to Downtown)
  • Buildings must not be destroyed

Who can help:

Any member of the shire who is in good standing and has the rank Maven/Viceroy or greater.

Important Information:

Use extreme caution if terraforming near the south part of Downtown / Little Venice / Anthadome due to the Riverwood Archives existing below ground in a large cavern.

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To do:

In Progress:
  • Raise Downtown Riverwood to a height to allow docks (like Sol)
  • Terraform the ocean around Riverwood to make it more consistent and less funky
  • Make Downtown not as flat
On Hold:
  • Convert all streets in Downtown Riverwood to a standard design and width
  • Name streets and create addresses
Not Started:
  • Space out skyscrapers within Downtown and add shorter buildings in-between
  • Decorate interiors of existing buildings
  • Create map images to decorate Riverwood with
  • Move rail lines above ground where possible (exception being historic underground stations by Capitol)
  • And much more...


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