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Welcome! Please connect to the server ( at least once before applying for membership. If you haven't joined the server at least once, we will be unable to give you a rank.

Membership - hotdogbogs

Greetings! I go by hotdogbogs. I'm in my 20s in the US. I like to build and I found this server a while back somewhere but never got around to joining it until now. I'm not as good as some of the builds I have seen but I hope to one day be at the level of Laurelian and Naoki



  • Don't ever talk about Laurelian again.

    Other than that, you're in.

    Do /warp Tyrule when you log on and follow the directions on the signs. If you don't, you'll never get out of Tyrule and we will never invite you to Shirecon.

    If you have questions, ask literally anyone but me. Im kidding, you can ask me. Welcome to the Shire. (but really, exhaust all your resources before coming to me)
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