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Lollipopsweets2 Tyrule Plot

Hi, I am done with my tyrule plot. Can someone please look at it? Thanks!


  • I'll check it out!

  • I think you've got a great start but it's not quite Yeoman-ready. Big letter signs like you have in your plot aren't allowed in the main world. We also try to have a minimum of realism and/or structural integrity in main world builds, so I'd advise adding a floor to your building and landscaping and pathways to the yard. But you've got 4 walls and roof! You're off the a great start. Thanks for letting me check it out, I like the colors.

  • Lollipopsweets2
    edited May 25

    I updated my plot can you please check it out?

    Thank you!

  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    edited May 29

    Hello @Lollipopsweets2

    Good effort!

    I like the landscaping.

    The big sign on top of your building is unfortunately not allowed, because pixel art and macro structures are not permitted on the server.

    I suggest making the building have a different shape, so it is less like a box. You could give it an upstairs floor? Maybe don't have as many doors too :-)

    If you can update your plot to follow this advice, then we can look at promoting you and giving you a place to build in our main world.

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