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Land Development

Good evening all.

I've just finished reading Wuthering Heights and now find it necessary to create some misty moors of my own, with the help of @EnderKilla. I want to evoke the dramatic landscape of northern Britain -- the hills, valleys, crags, and brooks, along with a small village smack dab in the middle.

However, I need lots of space to do this.

Assuming there is no objection, Ender and I plan on developing this area (, which could use some cleaning up anyway. The city in the center no longer exists, and I've examined the circled area to make sure there aren't any builds we'd be threatening. It's been empty for quite a long time as well.

Work may start in the coming days, and while I see no reason why there should be any issues, I figured I would make everyone aware of my intent to undertake this. If you have questions or concerns, please let me know.



  • spaceship1212 had planned to make a city there but I don't think anything ever developed. There might be a couple secret things on the scattered islands, I'd have to check... I'll do a quick GM3 sweep of the area to be sure there's nothing else.

  • Ok did a sweep... I saw a flag from Zhenya but nothing else

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