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⛺ Survival Server Update: Caves and Cliffs Pt. I 🌄

CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
edited June 2021 in Information and Rules

We'll be updating our survival server to Minecraft 1.17 next weekend.

Stay tuned for updates, and get ready to team up!

Discover the new features on the Minecraft Wiki.



  • SeagullsRule
    SeagullsRule Member, Wiki Editor
    Copper and the new natural blocks are going to be very useful
  • Kieran
    Kieran Member, Wiki Editor

    anybody want to team up?

    idk why I named my forum account like this


  • CoffeeAndChill
    CoffeeAndChill Lord, Engineer
    edited July 2021

    1.17 survival launches today (in 3 hours)! 😁

    15:00 UTC

    11:00 EDT

    08:00 PDT

    17:00 CEST

    16:00 BST (UK)

    @Boberbob I guess we'll see who's around later and form a group or two!

  • Hey guys/gals. Been on the survival server, and its been real good so far. Its been about six months sense I have been on the shire, and I have missed it. Glad to be back.